Inspired can offer three complementary Gaming Management Systems, each tailored to specific operator and market types.

Inspired Core

Designed for single vendor street gaming estates, the Inspired CORE system offers the widest possible range of games from both 3rd party developers and Inspired. Used by our UK, Italian and Colombian street gaming customers, Inspired CORE provides efficient use of wide area bandwidth, intelligent download to get new games on the estate as quickly as possible and sophisticated remote diagnosis and fix to keep the estate running.

Inspired Core Hub

Designed for casino and street gaming estates with cabinets from a wide range of vendors that are compliant with the G2S and PUI protocols. Inspired CORE HUB allows you to connect any 3rd party G2S compatible VLT, as well as Inspired’s G2S CORE CONNECT cabinets, which give you access to Inspired’s wide range of third party and Inspired games. Support for the PUI standard allows the operator to present a third party player management system and wallet to any VLT user, allowing for an easily integrated, fully omni-channel player solution.

Inspired Core Edge

Designed for Server Based Gaming markets, where both game logic and RNG reside on the server rather than the VLT. Inspired CORE EDGE is ideal for markets where regulations require a true server based or lottery gaming system, or for operators who want to keep the cabinet cost as low as possible.